Selling a house with a mortgage

Feb 09, 2023 Business

Selling a house with a mortgage: is it possible?

Does the law allow us to sell a house with a mortgage? When for various reasons we can no longer live in our home, for which we have an active mortgage, what should we do? The options are: “pass on” the installments to the new buyer or pay off the loan early.

Deciding to buy a house is an important step, it’s like officially starting adulthood by laying the foundations for building something solid for yourself or your family

Having our own home is synonymous with pride , but it also makes us feel safer. It is a small portion of the world that we own. Inside the house we strip not only of clothes, but also of the masks that we are forced to wear during the day, in the world of work, and in society in general. Within the home we can be ourselves, and nothing gives us more satisfaction.

Often, however, we don’t have the economic means to buy our beloved home, immediately and in cash, so we start thinking and write hundreds of bills on loose sheets, to understand what our options are. We begin to think that a mortgage will last several years, that it is a challenge for the future, but then we consider that paying a monthly rent is not very different, and at the end of the carousel it does not allow us to become the owner of a property.

What if you need to sell the house?

Over time, desires change, or our finances are unfortunately no longer what they once were, and we find ourselves having to sell our home. Perhaps we have decided to buy a bigger one because in the meantime we have had fabulous children, or our work, given the times of crisis, no longer gives us the security of before.

In any case, a doubt arises, how do you sell a house with a mortgage ? It’s possible? How should I do?

We say it right away, yes it is possible, but the options are different. Below we will try to deal with all the fundamental points to know what are the possibilities we have available, and understand which one fits easily with our needs.