Top 5 Best Universities In Spain

  1. Complutense University of Madrid – Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Complutense Madrid is the largest university in Spain with more than 700 years of existence. This school is the symbol of Spanish higher education and ranked 11th of Europe’s best schools. This is also the place to train a lot of genius. Its strengths are: philosophy, literature, history, medicine …

  1. Madrid Polytechnic University РUniversidad Polit̩cnica de Madrid

As a new school established in 1971, this school has made remarkable achievements in the field of technology with notable fields of study: Architecture, Minerals, Forestry Exploitation, Telecommunications, Aviation … Thanks to these achievements, the school was ranked 36 of the 100 best schools in Europe.

  1. University of Seville – Universidad de Sevilla

The University of Seville is a prestigious university in Goult, attracting a large number of students. The school has a long history of 5 centuries with many good achievements in the fields of Literature, Philosophy, History and Geography. Today, this school is one of the few schools in Spain to invest in education.

  1. University of Granada – Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada is also Spain’s oldest school, with its strengths in the humanities and social sciences: social work, labor science, physical sciences and sports. Granada is open to learning, interesting curriculum, so it attracts a lot of international students.

  1. Polytechnic University of Catalunya – Universitat PolitÃccnica de Catalunya

Catalan Polytechnic is one of the leading European technical schools. Every year the school offers a large number of bachelor’s, doctoral and master’s degrees, bringing a great human resource to Spain. The school’s curriculum is diversified in terms of technical professions. For students who prefer science and technology, when studying in Spain, this is the first choice school.


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