The reasons for choosing to study graphic design in Spain

Varied learning models and options
The program is offered by both public and private Spanish universities as well as private and non-profit private universities and programs, with full programs ranging from short-term certificates to university and postgraduate courses. Teaching outside of Spanish
The other disadvantage disadvantageous for students – Vietnamese students that teaching in Spanish language. In recent years, schools have attracted international students with English language programs. This is an important and breakthrough step in Spanish education policy. As such, language is no longer a barrier to you.
International Exchange Training Program
It is a group of specialists who study abroad in Spain, always stimulate creativity and integration from learners. Design in general and graphic design in particular are selected in priority programs. International student exchange, summer camp, and associate training. In addition to receiving Spanish degrees, students can also apply for study programs at Gaur, receiving degrees from the UK such as Middlesex University London, Central University of Lancashire, University Westminster, …

Output and employment opportunities
Graphic design is a very good career opportunity, and the work group in this field is considered to be the most profitable one. Employment prospects in areas such as film, communication and advertising, education, information technology, fashion, etc. can be seen with an income of no less than US $ 1,000 per month. One of the advantages of this industry is that students can study, get work at home, work as freelancers, freelance designers … and still earn a small income from 300 – 500 Euro / month.

Study route:
Spain’s largest and most official year is September. Therefore, all students wishing to study in Spain should be prepared early to submit their application in October of the previous year, which lasts until March, April of the full year of study.

Graphic Design Program in some typical Spanish schools
– Autonomous University of Barcelona
– IED Barcelona Academy
– Elisava Design School – Pompeu Fabra University
– Marbella Design Academy

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