Academic trends in Spain (part 1): Law

Law is one of the specialized aspirations is the selection of the most local and international students. Students can study at the university, master, and doctor levels. With the demand for high quality human resources in Spain, some international students have studied the job search path in a number of established businesses in investment, business … with the role. is a legal counsel; or some of you may also have the Experience of Opening Your Own Law Firm. Bachelor – Master – Doctorate of Law is at the highest level in the list of majors who are studying for prospective graduates for international students. In addition, the bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and Spain has been strengthened and expanded, promising a lot. How to hunt for gold after completing the country, with registration For companies, corporations, organizations in Spain.

One of the most popular courses chosen by the students is the European Union legal framework. Almost all international students are attracted to this course as it provides complete and important information on the basis and manner of operating the legal framework of European countries. Through this program, international students understand not only the Spanish legal system, but also the decision-making process in the legal system of every other European country. Of course, to lay a foundation for a career in a country, to understand the laws and mechanisms of that country is a very important element.

Another course is also chosen by many international students, this is International Criminal Law. This course analyzes the situation and crime rate in the context of increasing global crime rate, and security becomes a vital issue with the destiny of each nation. Intensive learning program investigates the process of formation, existence, influence, as well as control, and some of the sanctions for managing crime.

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