University System in Spain

The University of Spain has been around for a long time. This is evidenced by the relatively large number of schools with 79 universities, including 50 public and 29 private schools. The two specialties that are focused on training and quality improvement are the hotel industry – tourism and architecture. These two areas have created a reputation for the quality of training in Spanish universities famous throughout the world. With the development of higher education, universities have been offering undergraduate and postgraduate education with a great variety of degrees and courses.

Study in Spain – University

Spanish universities consistently meet quality standards and are unified across a whole range of institutions throughout the country with programs around the world. However, the training program remains highly independent with its own disciplines and specialized training programs. Some colleges have training links with Business Schools, which is a good opportunity for students to transfer, associate, and receive degrees recognized by both parties.

1. Principal Entry Period: September

2. Input Requirements

– Graduated from high school, GPA 6.0 or above.

– Certificate of English / Spanish minimum B1

At present, the university exam has been removed by the Ministry of Education of Spain.

However, for some public universities in Madrid, students may be required to pass an entrance exam (held in mid-June and early July) designed and evaluated by the school. This is an additional condition for Spanish study documents. However, this test is not difficult.

Entry exams include:

General Contest:

– History of Philosophy / or History of Spain

– Spanish Language and Literature

– Foreign Language: Students selected in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, …

– Specialized subjects: Specialized subjects of the university program.

Special examinations: Students are offered one of the following subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Electrical, Design, Drawing, Music History, …

– Exam format: Self-examination

– Language Exam: Spanish (excluding Foreign Language)

Currently, only public universities in the Spanish capital Madrid will keep their entrance exams for at least two years. Private universities, together with all public and private universities in Spain, waive this examination, in order to provide the most favorable conditions for international students to take the opportunity. Study in Spain.

Pass / fail method:

– High School Profile: 60%

– The results of the entrance examination: 40%

Grade Levels: Overall Grade: Academic Record + Entry test score of at least 50%

Entry tests are not challenging students. Through the results of the test, the school will assess the Spanish language ability, as well as the general knowledge of students about Spain. Particularly for the self-selection exam, it is considered as the “core exam” because students have the right to choose the exam subject to pass the exam, provided that four subjects in the general examination are not scored 0 .

3. Duration: 4 years

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