The reasons for choosing to study graphic design in Spain

Varied learning models and options The program is offered by both public and private Spanish universities as well as private and non-profit private universities and programs, with full programs ranging from short-term certificates to university and postgraduate courses. Teaching outside of Spanish The other disadvantage disadvantageous for students – Vietnamese students that teaching in Spanish […]

Spanish citizenship (part 2)

3. Naturalization of Spain This method of naturalization is arbitrary and does not depend on general regulations on administrative procedures. Naturalization will be permitted by the Government through the Royal Decree, after assessing all the special circumstances of the person concerned. Citizens of Spanish citizenship by mode of option, residence or naturalization will: Sworn or […]

The good reasons to go to study in Spain

For a long time Spain has been the favorite destination of French students: one in five of them is going to study and study in Erasmus. Our neighbor certainly has more than one cord to his bow, whether it is the range of higher education he offers or the quality of life that one finds […]

Spanish citizenship (part 1)

The following people are Spanish: People whose parents are Spanish. Persons born in Spain whose parents are foreigners and whose parents were born in Spain (except for the children of diplomats). Persons born in Spain have foreign parents but neither parent has a nationality, or the laws of both countries where the parents are nationals […]

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Registration deadline: 17:00 (Italy time) on 13/02/2015. Scholarship holder: European Commission. Participants: – Student Group A: Students selected by the Erasmus Mundus Master Courses, belong to a non-resident country, eligible and non-resident, or conducting research activities. job, … from 1 to 12 months in the past five years in one of the countries of the […]

Scholarships for Spanish language courses

Spanish is the fourth most widely spoken and easy-to-learn language in the world, with more than 900 million users, and is spoken by 15% of Europe’s population, playing an important role in international alliances and organizations. The United Nations, the European Union, MERCOSUR, and the Pacific Alliance, Spanish are increasingly being attended by more students, […]

Schools and universities in Spain open to Vietnamese students

Each country has its own strengths in education, geography, economic status, social welfare, etc. While some countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, USA and Canada have advantages in terms of education, The country with its mother tongue is English but the cost is high, Spain is attractive for its “very own” reasons and is […]

Study in Spain with European Business School

Study in Spain with European Business School. Founded in 1973, the school is proud of its 30 years of high quality teaching and training. And indeed the school has become the typical business school of Europe in general and Spain in particular. Pride of the European Business School as ranked: – Ranked No. 35, in […]

Spanish Language : 1 Year Enrollment

Spain is currently considered to be the cheapest European country to spend with the Spanish education system in line with the European Common Standardization (EHEA). Students are not only trained in Europe’s leading educational environment but also cultivated more skills, linguistic knowledge and a new European culture. Always want to encourage and help students – […]

Changes of Spanish Studying policies for the 2018-2019 school year

Visa issues are always a matter of primary concern for many students who are planning to study in Spain. The Spanish government’s visa policies will change somewhat each school year. Here are the changes to the visa application to study in Spain, it is hoped to help students who intend to study in Spain updated […]