Tips for getting scholarships in Espana in 2020

  1. Excellent academic records

This is always the first condition for evaluating scholarships

Through learning outcomes, the training system can evaluate your academic abilities, qualities, capacity and aspirations.

Bui Huy Hung, a student of Grade 12 C, a foreign language high school (Hanoi Foreign Language University), who won a scholarship to Dickinson School, said: “The most impressive thing in the record when submitting to American universities is the final score must be high. The majority of the top 50 universities abroad first pay attention to your academic records.”

Academic records are rated by the cumulative grade point average for all subjects. However, depending on the academic discipline, educational level, and educational characteristics of the country of the grant, the requirements may vary. If you would like to apply for Spanish study in the Master of Laws in Spain, your application should be directed to a public university and, of course, to those in the social sciences category. And the humanities like Linguistics, History, Philosophy, etc. should fluctuate between 7.0 – 8.0, and the cumulative score of the remaining subjects can not be as low as 4.5 or 5.0.

  1. Certificates

In addition to the educational records, students may be required to have some specialized certificates. For example, to pursue a master’s degree in engineering in the United States, you are required to provide the GRE – Graduate Record Examinations – one of the most recognized exams in the world in the area of ​​admissions in University (Master or PhD). If students choose subjects such as natural sciences or social sciences (except Medicine, Pharmacy, Law), they must submit the GRE score sheet; or GMAT -Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized, computer-based, math-based and paper-based, standardized tests designed to assess success in academic higher education for industry and business administration, ..

  1. Foreign Language

Foreign language (especially English), which is required to follow you to foreign countries. However, in some countries may use their own language. For example, you may have to learn Spanish to apply for a scholarship. Some required foreign language proficiency: IELTS (English), DELE (Spanish), N2, N3 (Japanese).

  1. Extra curriculum activities

Many countries  encourage human’s potential. If you work hard on social activities, sports, clubs, etc., you will get more attention. This proves that besides learning, you also value your self-esteem, showing that you are an active person

  1. Letter of introduction from the teachers

It seems like a pretty hard thing for most applicants to apply for a scholarship. Ideally, you should have a good relationship with your teacher during the study and work, so that you can ask the teacher to introduce. The higher the letter, the more valuable it is. This can be a golden opportunity to archive your goals .

  1. Describe your aspirations for study in earnest

“Show yourself in the most idyllic” is the share of Duong Nhat Duy, a senior pupil of Hanoi Amsterdam High School, who owns Grinnell University Scholarship (US $ 136,000) year . The presentation should choose the most true of yourself.

You should also feel personal, intense about the desire to be attractive, attractive, convincing the board of enrollment is short, concise, avoid unnecessary long lines, prove you really worthy of That scholarship.

  1. Other factors

First of all, you should understand and evaluate your own profile to “work hard” and have the right tactics. When you know your profile is not competitive enough to meet the school’s entry requirements and high school rates, almost 90% of your records will slip. While at another university, you may be at the top of the scholarship rankings. Of course everyone is important to the school’s reputation, but the main thing is that you learn for yourself, do not run the trend, and then lose the opportunity.

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