Further Your Education With Sevile University

The school is renowned for its city-centered training center with 9 research centers and 31 university centers. The school is equipped with modern facilities, fully to serve the study and research. There are now 4,645 teachers, including 624 professors and 2,665 PhDs teaching 61,602,113 students. The quality of the training is evident in the student’s academic performance and achievement. 1,985 students received Erasmus scholarships.

The College offers a wide range of academic studies in the field of Spanish studies, including 67 majors including 18 engineering majors, 14 humanities specializations, 20 social sciences specializations. and law, 7 specializations in experimental science, 8 in medical science. Up to 153 courses are taught in other languages ‚Äč‚Äčaround the world.

In addition, there are 96 majors in the faculties of art, history and geography, law, mathematics, medical science, nursing and physiotherapy, pharmacy, language arts, philosophy, physics, science, biology, chemistry, communications, dentistry, economics and business, science and education.

Priority policy for international students

International students are encouraged to study and work with supported services such as accommodation, sports facilities, cafeterias, language schools. Studying at the University of Seville – one of the most prestigious Spanish universities will give you more opportunities to choose the courses that best suit your abilities while living in a unique cultural setting. dynamic development.

Expenses for international students include:

– Language course preparation: 4,670 Euro / year

– Administrative costs: 300 Euro -700 Euros

– Cost of living: 6,000 – 8,000 Euros

Immediate contact with Blue Ocean Education – Educational organizations specializing in study abroad will help you get the most solid stepping stone for yourself when you arrive in the new land. Our consultants are always ready to provide you with useful information and supportive policies to create conditions for students to have the opportunity to study abroad. reputation in Spain. We are ready to accompany you on all paths.

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