Academic trends in Spain (part 2)

Business travel – restaurant – hotel
Business administration – tourism – restaurants – hotel is also a wise choice and “calculated” of the students choose Spain. Tourism in the country is considered one of the spearhead economic sectors, contributing significantly and contributing to the growth of the Spanish economy – becoming the second country in tourism expertise. With its favorable natural conditions, its ever-improving infrastructure and the right investment policy for education, Spain now has a number of steps. How to hunt for a scholarship to study in the West Ba Nha and promising plans for this specialty. Not only are students studying in the field of tourism in Spain in books, they will be able to discover and learn all the cultural, historical and culinary values ​​of the country. this. The students themselves are also very good. Learn to do more work such as reception, bell, served at restaurants, high-class hotels, trainees during the course. Most importantly, after graduation, you will be able to expand your employment in Spain, with a very attractive income of EUR 1,000 – 3,500 per month.
If you do not know which university to choose, please refer to this information at the following universities: Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Complutense University of Madrid, and ESERP.

Spanish language
Spanish is spoken as the mother tongue of about 414 million people, second only to Chinese in terms of the number of natives in the whole world. More than 500 million people speak Spanish as the first and second languages, and 20 million students learn Spanish as a foreign language. in Europe. In addition, the demand for human resources specialized in tourism business, hotels, companies with Spanish investment in Vietnam more and more, opening up a high income and stable employment prospects for These language whisperers, not just in Vietnam, but in any European country, or Latin America.
International students choose the language program as the first step in their pursuit of long-term study in Spain. Here, some of you will continue to college, university, or post-university. In addition, you can fully utilize a one-year language study to adapt to a new university training environment, new culture, confident learning, befriended, and ready for the next several years. In particular, a number of Spanish public universities offer a wide range of undergraduate programs, from Spanish to Spanish. In Spain there are now more than 12 public universities in the Spanish course with very flexible enrollments in the months of the year. The tuition fees for some programs in English are one or five times higher than those offered in Spanish; Moreover, you do not have much choice in some public schools, but have to choose from a number of private universities, with high tuition fees from 8,000 to 12,000 Euro per school year.

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