University of Navarra

University of Navarra is an institution located in Spain. The university offers 57 undergraduate, 46 undergraduate and 23 doctoral programs at four campuses, located in Pamplona, ​​San Sebastian, Madrid and Barcelona.

The University of Navarra, established in 1952, is located in the Ibeat district – “University Area of ​​the city” southeast of Pamplona, ​​Spain. The school has six educational institutions, most of which are main educational institutions of the year in Pamplona and San Sebastián, and IESE’s top business school has offices in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, New York and Munich.

Currently, there are nearly 12,000 students studying at 36 institutes, research centers and more than 100 working offices, with more than 1700 international students, including nearly 9,000 undergraduate, 1500 undergraduate students. and more than 1000 PhD students. The University of Navarra also promotes and supports excellence in research with more than 2,000 researchers from around the world. The University is always updated with new knowledge for teaching.

When studying in Spain with Navarra University, international students are approached by a leading private university in teaching and research in the field of Medicine, Pharmacy and Biotechnology. Currently, many students in the world are fond of choosing Navarra University as their destination.


Organizational Model of Navarra University: 9th Grade of Faculty of Spanish Studies and Research Institute: University Clinic of Navarra, Center for Applied Medical Research, Applied Pharmacobiology, Modern and Contemporary History, Technical investigations of Guipúzcoa, Biomedical Investigation and Development, Nutrition and Bioengineering, Institute of Topical Medicine, Institute for Culture and Society.

The Highlights of quality:

– “Top private university in Spain” by the magazine “El Mundo”.

– Ranked 31th on the list of “The Highest Success Rate for Postgraduate Students” by The New York Times Magazine (2014).

Input requirements

– Spanish:

+ DELE B1 (Bachelor program).

+ DELE B2 (Graduate Program).

– Study:

+ University: Graduated high school in Vietnam, minimum GPA of 6.5

Post Graduate: Graduated from a registered university in Navarra or a minimum of 60 credits recognized by Navarra as equivalent to the Spanish education system.

Intake: September every year.

Average tuition fees: 9,000 – 15,000 Euros / year / 60 credits.

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