What is Selectividad?

This is a qualification test for assessing the academic performance of students who have attained Grade 3 who are eligible for admission to the College. Curriculum at Spanish Universities. Test results are valid for all public universities in Spain, not just Madrid.

There are two examinations held in one regular year
First time: May 28 to May 31. Points are announced in June
Second time: Early September. The point was announced in September
University entry points will be based on the scores of this exam and the results of study at Level 3 in Vietnam. In July and October, starting grades in each university.
Scores and scores for college entrance.

Entry to Spanish universities is based on: Grade Point Average at 3, Selectividad Test Scores and Test Scores. Here’s the formula for scoring college entrance:

University grade = High school grade (last 2 years) * 60% + General examination score * 40% + Elective grade
Exam scores will be based on two parts: FASE GENERAL and FASE ESPECIFICA.

a) Fase general: The minimum part they will do (average of 4 subjects not allowed under 4). Exams of the general section include:
– Commentario de texto: A summary of an excerpt from an article, article, or story. Analysis of subject predicate sentences. And the knowledge of Spanish literature only occupied one point
– History de EspaƱa or Historia de Filosofia: History of Spanish philosophy or history
– A Level 3 course in Spanish: Applied Mathematics, General Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Technical Drawing, Economics.
– Foreign language: Selected between English, French, German, Italian
b) FASE ESPECIFICA – Optional section: Self-selection to raise points. Courses may include: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering Drawing, Biology, Industrial Drawing. Students will be given four maximum subjects and the school will take the highest two points and multiply the multiplier by the additive.
The score for the elective is: a * M1 + b * M2
a, b the coefficient of grading of two electives (depending on the field for different scoring factors, it may be 0, o, 1, 0.2. the coefficient of grading will be 0.2, otherwise they will not multiply or multiply by 0.1.
M1 and M2 are the highest scoring subjects in the chosen categories.

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