Study in Spain with European Business School

Study in Spain with European Business School. Founded in 1973, the school is proud of its 30 years of high quality teaching and training. And indeed the school has become the typical business school of Europe in general and Spain in particular.
Pride of the European Business School as ranked:
– Ranked No. 35, in the TOP MBA Global 200 Business Schools Report – 2015
– In 2015, TOP tier global and European MBA programs – CEO Magazine
Strength of the European Business University
– Curricula and qualifications are recognized by the three Spanish education systems; Swiss and German education
– Diverse training from preparatory, up to college and postgraduate
– Specialization in training and creating prestige for the school: business management, public relations; Tourism Management – Travel; Financial management; International relationship
– The whole program is taught in English
– The number of international students is over 25,000, from 120 countries
– There is cultural intercourse between schools and strings linking sustainable cooperation with leading economic groups of Spain, Switzerland, Germany, USA, China, England, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan. Loan, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Russia and other countries around the world.
Curriculum and Enrollment Requirements:
Term of Study (Euro) Term of Study
Business Foundation Degree 1,5,8,10 10,000 / year
– Graduated from high school in Vietnam; Minimum GPA of 6.5
– IELTS 5.0
1 year
Bachelor’s 1,5,8,10 16,500 / year
– Graduated from high school in Vietnam; Minimum GPA of 6.5
– IELTS 6.0
Normal 3 years + 1 year Fast track
Postgraduate 1.4.10 20.000 (full program)
– University graduated in the right or equivalent field. Minimum GPA of 6.5
– IELTS 6.5
1.5 years
The European Business School is continuing to enroll students in the 1.4-5.8 semester of the 2017 school year.

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