University of ZARAGOZA (UNIZAR)
University of ZARAGOZA (UNIZAR)

University of ZARAGOZA (UNIZAR) is attracting many students and students when studying in Spain. The school was established after 1542, in front of the school named the Academy of Sciences was elected by the Emperor Charlaes V. At the same time the school is also one of the oldest universities in the world. The University of Zaragoza is located in the heart of Aragon, a modern, mysterious city with many legacies for youngsters to experience their passion for exploration. The school has been ranked among the top public universities in Europe.

Study Spanish at the University of Zaragoza

Overview of the University of Zaragoza

The school has a large campus with 22 training centers and three major campuses located in Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel. 14 of them in Zaragoza, 5 in Huesca and 3 in Teruel. The school library serves the needs of study and research with more than 300 000 titles.

The school has a team of professional and quality teachers who always provide dedicated and enthusiastic support to the students. The number of lecturers is up to 3,752 lecturers including 272 professors and 2,347 PhDs. They are really not only dedicated but also have deep expertise in research and teaching. Because of this, the school has attracted many students to create prestige in the quality of training of the school when studying. At present, the school has about 35,000 students, of which 849 students receive the Erasmus Scholarship. Annually attracted about 1,306 students.

The University of Zaragoza offers 70 formal bachelor degrees, including:
-16 by Health Sciences.
-20 degree in social science and law.
-6 by scientific experiment.
-18 with technical.
-10 degree in humanities.
In addition, the school continues to offer Spanish language courses to international students before entering a bachelor’s or master’s degree program. In addition, there are 96 subjects taught in other languages.

Favorable conditions when studying in Spain

The University of Zaragoza is located between the two major cities of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​so travel between other areas is also very easy. International students also have the opportunity to explore rich heritage and history, to visit the wonderful natural landscapes of the Pyrenees and the Ebro.

International students are also provided with facilities for study and living, such as student housing, accommodation, counseling, other language courses, summer courses, sports facility.

Courses at the University of Zaragoza

– Spanish Course: Tuition fees range from € 1.80 to € 2,000 per year
– University: 2,500 – 4,000 Euro / year
– Postgraduate: 3,000 – 5,000 Euro / year

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