University of Coruna

The University of Coruña (UDC) is a public higher education institute founded in 1990. The A Coruna University was established with the main objective of continuing, managing and imparting literacy. chemistry, science, technology through the development of research and teaching. The College offers students the best learning environment with nearly 1,500 professors and over 19,000 students including more than 550 international students from around the world. The school consists of two main campuses in the industrial capital of Coruña and the lively port of Ferrol, about 30 minutes’ drive from Coruña.

The School comprises of 24 faculties specializing in studying in Spain, offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in the fields of Technological Science, Health & Experimental Sciences Humanities, Social & Juridical Sciences.

With a 1: 13 ratio of teachers and students, students have many opportunities to interact with faculty, academic and communication skills. In addition, more than 40 educational institutions from 20 different countries provide opportunities for students to experience a modern, advanced learning environment that prepares them for the necessary skills. confident in life.

In addition, the school offers a diverse academic learning environment for the international student community with Language Centers.

Why coruna?

– University of A Coruña is affiliated with more than 46 countries. The University has more than 38 courses built in the standard European Higher Education Area and 46 master’s programs in the study of all aspects of learning and life.

– The College of International Cooperation and Training programs not only deals with Spanish universities and institutes, but also has close relationships with large companies and corporations in the country and region. The aim is to provide students with internships and employment opportunities while on campus.

– University of Coruña is listed as “Top 5 academic performance”. The percentage of students employed is higher than the national average, reaching 72% by 2014, holding important positions in companies and businesses.

– The team of young lecturers from 30 to 49 years of age is full of creative ability and always up-to-date, learning advanced teaching methods in the world, ready to interact and support the maximum for students. .

Modern facilities, equipped for students not only in study but also in physical development and friendship development in the international student community studying in school.

Important parameters – According to “World rank 2014 – 2015”:

Official name of the University of A Coruña

Named after the national language Universidade da Coruña


World Ranking 937

Country Ranking 40

Quality rating 355+

Alumni Ratings 478+

Quality Ranking of Specialized Departments 210+

Rank 899 influence

Overall rating 44.35

Official website

Entry requirements

– University: Graduated from upper secondary school, minimum GPA of at least 6.5; Spanish DELE B1.

– Postgraduate: Graduation from the right university, or a minimum of 60 credits coincide with the registration program; Spanish DELE B2.

– Intake: Academic: September, January; Spanish Course: October.

– Tuition fees: 3,500 – 4,000 Euro / year.

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