Month: March 2018

University of ZARAGOZA (UNIZAR)
University of ZARAGOZA (UNIZAR)

University of ZARAGOZA (UNIZAR) is attracting many students and students when studying in Spain. The school was established after 1542, in front of the school named the Academy of Sciences was elected by the Emperor Charlaes V. At the same time the school is also one of the oldest universities in the world. The University […]

University of Coruna

The University of Coruña (UDC) is a public higher education institute founded in 1990. The A Coruna University was established with the main objective of continuing, managing and imparting literacy. chemistry, science, technology through the development of research and teaching. The College offers students the best learning environment with nearly 1,500 professors and over 19,000 […]

Academic trends in Spain (part 1): Law

Law is one of the specialized aspirations is the selection of the most local and international students. Students can study at the university, master, and doctor levels. With the demand for high quality human resources in Spain, some international students have studied the job search path in a number of established businesses in investment, business […]