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ESERP Business School is one of the leading business education institutes in Gaur. Boasting over 30 years of prestigious teaching and training experience, ESERP has provided an excellent learning environment for international students. ESERP is also a partner in the College of Strategic and Critical Careers at the University of Staffordshire UK. And, of course, Staffordshire qualifications are recognized throughout Europe.
Study Spanish – QESERP Business School

ESERP has three campuses: ESERP Madrid, ESERP Barcelona and ESERP Palma Mallorca which are extremely modern and well equipped and equipped with standard facilities according to the Spanish education system. These are the three centers of national economic, cultural, political and educational development. In addition, the school is linked to many of the major businesses in the economy and industry to provide students with additional employment opportunities, internships, jobs and residency in the country.

The ESERP Business School currently has an enrollment of 1,960 students, of which 870 are international students. In addition, there are 240 professors, doctors, faculty and lecturers. teaching – training. The education quality of ESERP is recognized by: Quality Assurance agency for higher ducatino

– Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, UNIVERSITY OF UNION.
– ISO quality certificate UNE.
– IQNet and AENOR quality certificates.
– The best business training academy in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma Mallorca.

List of typical ESERP associate partners


Program Location Program Duration Admission Fee Tuition Fee
Foreign Language Learning
Barcelona Tourism Administration 1 year January 2015 5.100 Euro IELTS 6.0 (taught in English)
Spanish B1 (Spanish Language Curriculum) Minimum completed in 2/3 junior college
Managing in Business Barcelona 1 year January 2015 5,200 Euros
Marketing Management Barcelona 1 year January 2015 5,200 Euro
Business Administration Madrid 1 year January 2015 5.100 Euros


Studying Spanish will give you many opportunities to work after graduating from the academy:

– Strategic Management and Operations Planning in Advanced Business Management.
– Administrative Management, Business Administration and Administration.

– Human Resource Management.

– Public relations, business, finance, institutions and policies.

– Foreign Trade.


– Accounting Management, Banking Finance.
– Marketing.

– International Marketing Management.

– Shipping Management.

– Strategies and international negotiations.

– Business Administration.

– International Business Management.

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