The University of Cordoba

The University of Cordoba is located in Av, Medina, Azahara, Córdoba, a city in southern Spain. It is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in the country. It was established in 1972 and has been independently active since the late 19th century. It has hundreds of years of specialized training and is rising to become a prestigious international university. The strength of the school’s training is in science and medicine.


Students studying at the University of Cordoba are living in an environment of well-organized, well-regulated learning. The school built 13 educational and university centers, 7 research centers and a hospital. The library of the school with 555,883 different reference books serve quite adequately for teaching and learning needs.

The University of Cordoba also regularly cooperates with universities in Asia and the Americas. The quality of the training is shown by a team of 1,200 faculty members with 156 professors, 161 PhDs and more than 2100 students studying. The university’s specialization in education is also quite rich with 29 undergraduate majors including:

– 13 fields of food – food, science & technology
– 6 humanities

– 7 law and social sciences
– 3 health sciences.

In addition, the College offers 51 master’s programs and Spanish language courses for international students.


The school is committed to cooperating with schools around the world and always encourages and attracts international students. In addition, services for students such as housing, sports centers are also very convenient. Connected to Madrid and Seville via the high-speed train system, traveling to Cordoba is convenient and easy for all international students.


Spanish Course: € 3,480 per year.

– University: € 758 / year.

– Master: € 2,490 – € 3,600 / year.

– Cost of living: € 6,000 – € 8,000 / year.

Study and experience a great study and living environment at the University of Cordoba – typical representative of Andalucia – Spain geographic region.


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